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How Top Recruiters Stay On Top

Have you ever wondered how the top recruiters and money earners in your opportunity really do it? And yes it's true that we're taught to work hard and follow the system. But if you're reading this, then even you know there's something else to it. Now I'm not implying that your upline is keeping secrets from you, but it's just not talked about. Because to me if everyone just "worked hard," t Read More...

1000 things you don't want in your job hunt

1000 things you don't want in your job hunt GOING ONLY FOR BRANDING Do you stick only to the top name job boards or portals? If yes, you are denying your chances of getting into specialized positions. Specialized groups or non-enterprise companies often steer clear of top names. Choose your resume posting based on the kind of recruiters that visit a given job boards.Visit here:http://www.worldwide Read More...

What is more effective in a resume Paragraph or bullets

Resume: Paragraph or Bullets Most people write their resumes in paragraphs – because most candidates write their resume as an autobiography, rather than from the reader's point of view. It's a big reason otherwise qualified candidates get passed over for positions they are qualified for. This article would explain you why paragraphs don't work, why candidates still use them, and how to create bull Read More...


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